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"My mortgage rate with my current bank is 2.1% but I had a lot of debt with interest around 19%. Matrix Mortgage Global was able to give me a low rate second mortgage to consolidate my debt without touching my first mortgage."


Debt Consolidation, Toronto, ON

"The real estate market was really hard for me last year, as a builder when I complete a project I need to sell. On my last project, I was left with several unsold homes. Matrix Mortgage Global was able to consolidate my existing construction loan into an interest-only loan at 6.99% freeing up equity and cash flow."


Construction Loan, Hamilton, ON

"We wanted to add some major curb appeal to our home, stone driveway, deck, pool along with landscaping. Our home equity line of credit allowed us to make the improvements to our house without any hassle"


Home Equity Line of Credit, Barrie, ON

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